Mrs. Claus

Red Snowflake

Our Mrs. Claus is warm and friendly and appears in a gorgeous costume!

Red Snowflake
Red Snowflake

Tales of Santa & the North Pole!

Red Snowflake

She brings a kindly Elf to watch over your family!


A delightful Christmas story time!


Mrs Claus interactive experience!

Christmas video and visit!

Part A


Mrs. Claus will record a personalized story time video of your choice.

  • The night before Christmas

  • The Polar Express

  • Rudolph the Red nosed Reindeer (Great for younger children.)

(Your child's name will be used repeatedly and also include a few facts about them!)


She will also sing a short Christmas Carol.


Mrs. Claus will "send" a Christmas ornament by the power of Christmas magic for your child to find in your home.

(Duplicate ornament to the one shown on screen will be delivered in advance for you to secretly hide for your child!)


Part B (See Covid note below.)

Optional doorstep deluxe gift delivery!

The elves will text when Mrs Claus arrives and invite the child to come to the window to wave.

She will leave the gift at your door and then wave goodbye.


Gift includes;

  • Mini snowglobe

  • Reindeer food

  • Full size nut free Candy Cane

  • Mini Christmas Cracker

  • A Buddy Elf with best friends certificate to name their Elf!

("Buddy" Elves are Christmas Companions for your child that can be played with

and do not report to Santa. You can tell a Buddy Elf by the snowflake on their collar!)


Part A (Video only) $50

Part A and B (Video and doorstep delivery with deluxe gift.) $150

(Full package includes one deluxe gift- each additional gift is $10 per child.)

Please let us know how we can tailor this visit to your own special beliefs or family traditions as well!

Please note: Due to changing Covid-19 health guidelines, part B may not be available and if booked, a refund for that portion will be provided. Please check with us for current restrictions.


"Good night Mrs. Claus"

"Good Night little one"